• "Massage helps you connect with the spontaneity of nature."

    Stress and body pain have a direct influence on our thoughts.
    By establishing this link, we realize that our thoughts influence what we say. And that what we say, influences who we are.
    We therefore understand how important positive body energy is, and its direct influence on our lives.


Dynamic massage, Acupressure, Torsion. Restores functional trauma. Loosens tense muscles. Relaxes the mind.
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Thai Massage

Dynamic Massage, Acupressure, Torsion. Chi Harmonisation. Plays with body elasticity. Particularly invigorating.
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APSARA Massage

Powerful and energizing Yoga Massage. Requires letting go completely. This massage is a bomb for the mind. A Universe of inner peace.
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Tuina Massage

Dynamic massage, Acupressure, Torsion. Chi Harmonisation. Very effective. To be practiced regularly. Highly recommended
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BACK Massage

Body part which is the most exposed to muscle tension, the back holds the whole bone structure of the anatomy and requires regular massages.
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Reflexology Massage

The Reflexology Massage is a herbal massage that improves blood ans lymph circulation and stimulates internal organs.
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